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 ikan cupang, Warna Ikan Cupang

Genetika ikan cupang perlu anda ketahui baik anda yang sebagai peternak, penghobi dan pedagang ikan cupang. Sebab kalau anda tidak mempelajari dengan benar berarti anda tidak sayang dengan ikan kesayangan anda yang indah warnanya ini.
dibawah ini alamatnya :


Wild type Bettas
exhibit four color pigments; Black, Red, Yellow, and Iridescents
(metallic Blues and Greens). The arrangement of these colors
creates a Betta with the well known pattern that we call
Multicolor. The Yellow color is so much less dense than all other
colors and is, by nature, such a light color that it can be
safely ignored in a discussion of Betta color genetics. But do
not confuse this wild type Yellow with the Yellow that we find in
our domestic “Non-red” Yellows and Bicolors. The bright
Yellow color that we see on our domestic Bettas is actually Red
pigment that has been altered by genetic mutation. I will write
about the known genetic mutations that affect Black, Red, and
Metallic pigmentation in Bettas. Each normal color can be
genetically manipulated in five basic ways. It can be reduced,
absent, altered, extended, or patterned.


In wild type Bettas
Black is a color that is often covered by other colors. The
distribution of Black pigment is all over the fish except for
most of the caudal fin and the abdomenal area. This dispersion is
of medium density but is not usually obvious because of other
overlying colors.

are also called Melanos. A mutant gene has caused the Black
pigment to be greatly increased in density and coverage area. The
overall appearance of these Bettas is quite Black. The mutated
gene that causes increased Black color in Bettas is
to the normal Black gene. This means that if a Melano Betta were
spawned to a normal Betta that does not have the mutated Black
gene all the offspring would look like Multicolored Bettas. These
offspring would be carrying the gene for melanism but it would
not show in their coloration. These Bettas would be called Black
and would be indistinguishable from normal Multicolors. Recessive
characteristics only become visible if both parents pass down the
mutant gene to their offspring. Some representative spawning
results are presented below…


Spawnings for the Black
(melanistic) gene
male parent female
Black Red 100% Multicolor(Black
Black Multicolor(Black genotype) 50% Black, 50%
Multicolor(Black genotype)
Black Black (Black
females are infertile)
Multicolor(Black genotype) Blue 100% Multicolor(50% Black
Multicolor(Black genotype) Multicolor(Black genotype) 25% Black, 75% Multicolor(67%
Black genotype)


are Bettas with cream or white colored bodies. This mutant was
first discovered in the country of Cambodia. In this case the
mutation causes an absence of Black pigments on the fish. Other
colors such as Red, Yellow, and Blue or Green may be present. The
fins are not as affected as the body but the fin coloration is
lighter than that of normal dark-bodied Bettas. Like the gene for
Melano the Cambodian gene is also
to the normal Black gene. Some representative spawning results
are presented on genetics page 2…

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